Your Local Councils: Who Does What?

To the average person on the street, the structure of local government can be quite bewildering. In an ideal world, public services would be provided by one organisation. But the reality is much more complicated.  There are different types of council: Parish; Town; District; Borough; County; and Unitary.

Exmouth is served by EXMOUTH TOWN COUNCIL, EAST DEVON DISTRICT COUNCIL and DEVON COUNTY COUNCIL. EXMOUTH TOWN COUNCIL (Tel: 01395-276167) provides local amenities for people who live and work in Exmouth and those visiting the Town, including:

Allotments; Bus Shelters; Gorfin Hall; Jubilee Clock Tower; Local Grants; Magnolia Kiosk; and Consultation on Neighbourhood Planning

The money collected through council tax is distributed across a number of local public organisations. EAST DEVON DISTRICT COUNCIL (Tel: 01395-516551) collects council tax and uses 8% of this to pay for services such as refuse collection and kerbside recycling, housing, planning, street cleaning and leisure, as well as the following:

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall use 11% of council to provide law and order and crime reduction.

Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Authority uses 5% of council tax to provide fire prevention and fire and rescue services.

DEVON COUNTY COUNCIL (Tel: 0345-155-1015) uses 74% of council tax to provide education, roads, care for older people and people with disabilities, child protection, youth services, libraries, recycling centres and waste disposal.

Devon County Council is responsible for providing the services below: