Exmouth Town Council works with residents associations, businesses and other Councils to promote the economic prosperity of Exmouth.  Our Town Clerk and Town Management Officer lead on this work on behalf of the Council.

Our Town Management model is based on forums focussing on a particular aspect of economic activity.  These forums provide the strategic thinking which guides and informs Councillors decisions on how to invest economic development funds for the most effective impact for Exmouth.

The Forums are:

Town Team

Representing independent retailers in town, the Town Team has championed improved signage, shared customer surveys, shared advertising and the refurbishment of the town centre.  It has facilitated information sessions on street cafe licensing and training on improved marketing.

Tourism Team

Representing businesses in town with a focus on tourism, the Tourism Team has championed a shared customer feedback survey, improved signage and promotion of Exmouth as an all-year round holiday destination.  It has facilitated a familiarisation visit for food and travel journalists to come to Exmouth, in order to raise its profile.

Arts Forum

The Arts Forum represents the arts in town and seeks to promote Exmouth as a vibrant place to live, visit and work.  it has championed improved signage in town and seeks to create opportunities for public art in Exmouth.

Large Employers Forum

The large Employers Forum is yet to meet, but some larger retailers have formed the Exmouth Shopwatch group to encourage more retailers to join the scheme.  Exmouth Town Council is offering bursaries to provide free trails of the Shopwatch system to interested retailers.