Report praises Exmouth Town Council’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

An independent report commissioned by Exmouth Town Council to quantify its greenhouse gas emissions has praised the work of the Council in establishing policies and providing education aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of its residents and visitors.

Woods and Turvey were commissioned to conduct a survey of greenhouse gas emissions that are within the Council’s scope of influence. The study aimed to provide an initial assessment of the Council’s activities and their impact with a view to developing actions to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The report concluded that Exmouth Town Council’s emissions equate to 17 tonnes of CO2e per year – approximately equivalent to two UK resident’s emissions from all sources for a year.

Whilst these are relatively low, the audit also recognised the opportunities to influence a much larger set of emissions though community engagement and cited the importance of the Town Council’s work on transport, waste, wild spaces and local food production (through the provision of 420 allotment sites). The Council’s environmental education day which was held at Ocean in September 2019 for Exmouth school children was also highlighted.

Exmouth Town Council will be using the findings of the report to establish scope for further improvements and also to develop a plan, in conjunction with Transition Exmouth, for a wider community engagement initiative.

Councillor Tim Dumper, Chair of the Council’s Climate and Ecological emergency Working Party said:

““Exmouth Town Council has recognised the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions quickly to have maximum impact on dangerous climate change. This audit report tells us what actions will have the quickest payoff for the Council itself. One target, solar panels on the Town Council’s only owned building, is already achieved.
We are in a climate emergency, which is a shared danger, and we want to help everyone locally to find the best ways to reduce their own carbon footprint, so please look out for next steps. Thanks to our Town Clerk and her team, fellow Councillors, and our partners in Transition Exmouth for their continuing work to reduce Exmouth’s collective footprint!”

The full report and its supporting data can be accessed on Exmouth Town Council’s website:
Exmouth Town Council Environmental Audit
Exmouth Town Council Environmental Audit Calculations

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17th August 2020