Exmouth Primary Schools’ Environmental Conference Pledges

Pupils attended workshops led by local environmental experts to discuss current problems due to pollution, plastic waste and effects of climate change. At the end, pupils spent time thinking about what they had learned and what they can do to help protect their environment by writing pledges on postcards. “I will create a wildflower area in my garden to attract the bees”, “I will pick up litter to prevent our sea from being polluted” and “I will pick up dog poo to protect our open space” are just some of the many pledges made by pupils.

Pupils from Exmouth’s primary schools came together at The Ocean on 25 September to learn about protecting their environment and how they can make a difference to its future.

The event was organised by Exmouth Town Council as part of its work to raise awareness on reducing single-use plastic waste and look at the many ways Exmouth’s community can work together to reduce our carbon footprint.

Councillor Steve Gazzard said “on behalf of Exmouth Town Council, I would like to thank all the workshop providers for their input to the day, as well as all the schools for taking part, Dartline for providing transport and The Ocean for hosting the conference.

Feedback on the event was summed up by St Joseph’s Primary School, who commented, “Thank you so much for organising the conference. Our children really enjoyed it and learnt a lot! They were quite taken with the idea that we have a habitat rarer than rainforest on our doorstep. So, definitely worth it.”

Look out for the pledge boards on display soon in Exmouth Library.